Edition of 40 international photographers

The masterpiece edition is an online art gallery. We have decided to launch it with an initial focus on photography. 40 internationally renowned as well as award-winning emerging photographers are showing their work in digital cycles. Besides our cooperation with museums, the close contact with the artists is our most important tool in selecting works of art as well as in determining the appropriate form of presentation for each work

In the Masterpiece Edition, collectors and art lovers will always receive the best production and presentation. Signed Certificates, as well as comprehensive information on the work and the artist, will guarantee quality and authenticity.

The cooperation with our media partner, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, will allow us to make the works of the edition accessible to a broad public.

To the masterpiece-edition.


me art thinking

It is indisputable that works of art function from their context, both in contemporary history and in their social and spatial location. This even applies when one and the same person encounters a work of art in different places. Take, for example, a museum visitor looking at a work of art and the same person before the same work at his employer's headquarters. With certainty, both expectation and access are completely different.

Art as a catalyst

Our art and brand experts work together to select the right work of art for every location and occasion. In this way we ensure that art transports also a facet of the unmistakable personality of the company to customers, partners and employees.


A dialog between science and the arts

”The truth of art prevents science from becoming inhumane, and the truth of the sciences prevents the arts from becoming ridiculous.“ In his famous quote, Raymond Chandler points to the essential interdependence between the arts and the sciences, an interdependence that has recently entered public conversation.

In recent years a multitude of exhibitions and publications have explored this conceptual overlap between arts and sciences. New technologies of visualization have enabled a ”pictorialization“ of the sciences and hence facilitated a dialogue with the arts. Such use of scientific imagery in the arts raises important questions without necessarily providing easy answers. Simultaneously the sciences themselves are struggling with questions they can’t necessarily answer. The arts and the sciences find themselves in a similar space of epistemological uncertainty.

To further this dialogue, we’d opened the archives of the European Space Academy and accompanied the German Archaeological Institute for the digitization of rock paintings in the Sahara. Some of the fascinating pictures are published as separate editions.

To the Rosetta edition.

Kirchner for connoisseurs

Our online gallery launched with eight works by the famous Austrian expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, compiled and annotated by the curator for an extremely successful retrospective of his work in Frankfurt’s Städel Museumr. Hans Hollein, director of the museum was singularly impressed by the quality of the reproductions.
Faithfulness to the original. Our photographic recording system is a digital scanback process with the highest possible resolution of 1248 megapixels. This enormous digitization rate is achieved through several iterations. It provides the highest level of fidelity to detail as well as a highly adaptive color profile.


Studio Rosa

We are very pleased to have found a physical home for the masterpiece edition in the Studio Rosa in Munich, where we will hold exhibitions, gatherings and events with clients, artists and journalists. The Studio Rosa with it’s stark concrete minimalism was far ahead of it’s time, when Herman Rosa created the building as a piece of spatial sculpture with his own hands. He achieved an ascetic work-room that combined the elements of light, space and environment to an inimitable effect and rightly earned him a place in the history of architecture. This reductive setting provides a perfect surrounding for a lively interaction with contemporary art.



We aim to create new perspectives for the production, presentation and experience of art. With the support of artists, curators, journalists and cultural organizations, we seek to create awareness of individual pieces of art to an interested audience. The art will be presented and distributed through our online gallery, self-edited publications and events.


We represent established as well as emerging artists, and bring them into contact with cultural and research institutions, in order to create opportunities for the enrichment of our cultural landscape. Our close cooperation with leading businesses is designed not only to promote our dynamic gallery program but ultimately to create patronage models for artists.

Our experienced communication specialists are convinced that an exciting dialogue with artists and thinkers will also find a larger audience through a media-friendly treatment.

A perfect start - powered by the F.A.Z.

The cooperation with the F.A.Z. for the masterpiece edition was a priceless support for us in many respects. The Frankfurt based publishing house with it’s sophisticated arts section is an opinion leader in Germany and one of the most popular media brands. The F.A.Z. has an excellent reputation worldwide and is unique with it’s network of correspondents throughout Europe, a fact that is greatly appreciated by our artists.

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